With more than 100 apartments built, RCI expanded to become one of the most renowned real estate developers in Beirut & Cyprus. RCI mission is to deliver top notch quality real estate properties for over 20 years, and our mission is to deliver the best user-friendly website to facilitate communication with their customers.

We create the overall goal and plan for the website with the appearance and feel in mind.

We contribute user-facing materials and graphics, such as icons, photos, logos, and more, that are used throughout the website.

We chose the layout, color scheme, font family, and aesthetic themes for the website.

We brought the website to life by taking things one step at a time and paying special attention to the nuances.

By ensuring that sites appear nice, function well, and provide simple access points without loading problems or error messages, we make sure that they live up to user expectations.

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rci websiteThe website we designed and developed for RCI is a modern and professional online platform that showcases the company’s expertise in engineering, construction, and contracting. The website’s design is sleek and streamlined, with a user-friendly interface that allows visitors to easily navigate through different sections.rci website The homepage of the website features a high-quality image of a construction site and highlights the key services provided by RCI, including engineering, construction, and contracting. The navigation menu is located at the top of the page and allows visitors to easily access different sections of the website.rci website The services section of the website provides detailed information on the different types of services offered by RCI, including engineering, construction, and contracting. Each service includes a detailed description and relevant images to help visitors understand the scope of RCI’s expertise.rci website The website also features a projects section that highlights some of the key projects that RCI has completed in the past, including commercial buildings, residential projects, and infrastructure projects. Each project includes a detailed description, images, and information on the project’s scope and timeline.rci website One of the standout features of the website is its careers page, which provides information on job opportunities at RCI and allows visitors to apply for open positions. The careers page includes a job search function and a form for submitting resumes and cover letters.rci websiteThe website also includes a news section that provides updates on the latest developments at RCI, as well as industry news and trends. Visitors can also learn more about the company’s history, values, and mission in the About Us section.rci website Overall, the website for RCI effectively communicates the company’s expertise in engineering, construction, and contracting, as well as its commitment to delivering high-quality projects and services. The website’s modern design, informative content, and user-friendly navigation make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about RCI’s services and projects, or to explore job opportunities with the company.